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Pauline’s Diary

Logline: A dark and twisted tale of revenge and redemption as Pauline, a battered housewife turns detective and dramatically redeems her own destiny as well as those around her.

Trending Crimes

Logline: When Ghanaian citizens are targeted by a gang of sticky-fingered motorcyclists, the head of a crime private investigative firm must use every resource at his disposal to apprehend them.

Battle of Retribution


Logline: A western educated doctor of Ghanaian descent returns home to lend his medical expertise to a local hospital. But instead ends up battling an antibiotic and fake drugs epidemic, and the ensuing coverup.

Full House


Logline: A minor health scare hits polygamist Ambibola Washington, inspiring an armistice between his three quarreling better halves. However the sudden appearance of a fourth wife, shatters their momentary peace.

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Welcome to Ben Darkwa's World
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